The Wrens 20th Anniversary shows @ Maxwell’s

The most anticipated shows for me (and the rest of the world) was The Wrens playing 3 shows to celebrate their 20th year anniversary. They consisted of the an all-request show, the album The Meadowlands in full, and a final set composing only new songs.

The early set the second night consisted of the album Meadowlands from front to back to a perfect sold out crowd. Between songs they would tell stories of the band and their long history together. I hoped for a “do-over” when they accidentally switched the order of 2 songs, Ex-Girl Collection before Boys, You Won’t. I think it was the second time in history they played Ex-Girl Collection probably due to its difficulty playing a 12 string guitar live. The set was flawless and incredible hearing it all in a live setting with great fans. For the end they let the crowd join them onstage to share the energy of that night.

I was very eager to hear new songs from the late set but they only played 3 new ones. They played all the hits from their albums and played an equally dynamic set. Although sloppy at points you could tell they were having a blast onstage and the crowd reacted positively. They seemed more relaxed and funny this time around and even played “Freebird” when someone inevitable and idiotically requested it. Tonight was one of the best nights in 09 and a clear reminder that Wrens can still put on one of the most exciting live shows you’ll ever go to. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for another decade for a show.

Pictures from the show.