The Local Natives @ Bowery Ballroom

The Local Natives were the talk of the town back at SXSW this year. I missed the almost dozen shows they put on so I was eager to catch them back home. Maybe it was this chatter that helped them sell out 2 shows at Bowery. I loved the first song they played live which may have been the new tune off their debut album. I was really impressed with their vocal harmonies (although reverb-y), swooning guitar, and pulsating drums. However the more they played, the more my boredom grew with the same formula applied to their remaining songs. It’s hard not to imagine a room full of music suits proposing they combine Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear and Band of Horses into 1 conglomeratic mess of a band….”That’s sure to sell!” And judging from the crowd, their formula worked because they got the exact crappy crowd that would be expected at a show like this. For a show I was very excited for, I walked out disgruntled and pissed. Can’t believe Frenchkiss signed these douchebags.