We Are Wolves / Big Bear @ Sin-e

Yet another band with the word “Wolf” in their title and from Canada no less. I was very excited to see We Are Wolves play live and had no idea what to expect. They took the stage adorned with a haphazard quilted banner with their name barely embroidered in plaid. They had these enormous skull banners hovering over their heads. It was like an evil Pentecost. With the lights down they seemed menacing but as soon as the analog squelchs eeked through the speakers, I started to feel more at ease. The band was a riot. Speaking broken English and random French Canadian-isms they barreled through their set. I love the fact that despite only being a trio, they are capable of creating such a unique sound. They reminded me of a more absurd Trans Am (before they got all normal and stuff) and the beaty-ness of Out Hud. People were dancing and jumping along to their crazy sound, and I found it hard not to get carried away to their crazy universe. Go Wolves Go.

The next animal named band, Big Bear took the stage next and after their second song, the place cleared out. The sound was intense and menacing. Another decent performance by them but nothing ground breaking. We’ll see what happens next year.

Afterwards we went to newly opened bar Lafontane to catch a marathon of bands play, including the Holy Ghost and The Organ Donors. (14 or so bands in 4 hours). Needless to say, by 4 AM my ears had their earful….

I just love the We Are Wolves website: http://www.wearewolves.net/