The Diggs / The Big Sleep / Field Music @ Mercury Lounge

I was quite tired, sweaty, and very drunk from the Idiotrod race a few hours before. Would I be able to stay up for a long night of music ahead of me?? Read on!

I was very eager to catch The Diggs live for this show. The trio from Brooklyn has been generating a lot of buzz in NYC and their new EP is just phenomenal. They blend catchy pop and droney builds to make very listenable and interesting songs. They conjure up elements I enjoyed from the 90’s indie rock scene, but adding some new tricks. Their sound and lead singer remind me so much of Tugboat Annie, but alas, after doing some research it is not a new manifestation of that beloved band. They put on a solid live performance and definitely a band to watch in the future.

The Big Sleep was up next. Now, I rarely see that many bands consecutively, but this band absolutely floored me at Piano’s the week before and I jumped at the opportunity to see them again. This time I was front row and center to take on the barrage of noise. I must say they were amazing and put on another intense performance. The sound system at Mercury held up to them and I felt they were more at ease this time around. I can’t stop listening to them. Although they only have a 3 song EP out, their new album will surely rock as well. I must say, seeing them live is preferred over the recording but it’s better than nothing. Finally a band to kick this stagnant music scene in the ass. And do yourself a favor, go to the link below and grab some mp3’s. Better yet, go to one of their shows and decide for yourself.

Coming from the UK, Field Music took the stage next. They were very poppy and had some interesting songs but nothing that was intriguing. Typical indie rock, this time with accents. Unfortunately they had some minor musical glitches but it still wouldn’t have helped them out if they fixed them. Too bad, I had high hopes for them.

Pictures from the show