New Slowdive

New Slowdive album out on Nov 1. We had to wait less for this one than the 22 years for the self-titled gem that came out in 2017. The single “Kisses” makes this release quite promising.

Posthumous Sparklehorse Album

Anything Mark Linkous touched was simply beautiful.  He left this world much too soon. He died by suicide in 2010 and there hasn’t been a lot of material that’s been found other than some collaborations with Danger Mouse & MF Doom. His family has been managing his estate and have worked to get a new EP out entitled Bird Machine later this year.

2023 Jan – April : “Whole time I didn’t know I needed you”

2023 is starting off with wonderful new tunes to wash away the forgettable year of music we had in 22.

Already have some contenders for albums of the year this early.

New Pornographers are back, but so far they are following the same pattern of the last few albums of having some gems surrounded by blasé tracks.

The new Liturgy has already stunned me for repeat listens.

The new Caroline Palochek album is already a top album of the year.

Not one but two albums from Skrillex. Quite different with 1 being well worth the listen.

There isn’t a bad track from the new Japanese House.

I’ve been a John Vanderslice fan since ’99 and throughout his “424” album phase. It’s been awhile that his music has caught my attention but this CRYSTALS album has been quite unique and abstract in all the right ways.

Slowthai is back with some incredible tracks.   

Initial tracks from the JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown prove promising.

Ooooo new Junip? Please let it be so.

It has been almost 10 years since we’ve gotten a new Blonde Redhead album. Single sounds unmistakably like their old selves, so I’m eager to hear the rest from their 10th release.

New Nation of Language isn’t hitting as hard as their previous material but I’ll take it.

Absolutely loving the new Indigo De Souza


Baby probably got a couple million

I can’t stop playing the new Fred again.. Skrillex, Four Tet collab on “Baby Again”. Not sure how this one slipped through the cracks in 2022.

Tiny Desk just posted a new one by Fred again… Every Tiny Desk performance is always special but what Fred again did in that room is magical. It was a challenge to translate his vision into such a small room, but he achieved the daunting task into a moving performance.