The Kingdom | Silversun Pickups | Viva Voce @ Mercury Lounge

I caught the tail end of The Kingdom who played an upbeat and quirky set of songs. I couldn’t put my finger on the music that they were doing but it was entertaining. Especially when the lead singer jumped into the sparse crowd to spew out one of his final songs.

I was in the same exact location at the front crowd, nestled between the stage monitors, as I was the last time I took the onslaught of sound by the Silversun Pickups. I was extremely excited to see them again and at a small venue. They predictably started the set with “Melatonin” and within seconds I became prepared for the energetic set. They kept the high level going by playing all their more dynamic songs first including “Well Thought of Twinkies”. They were incredible and played a very intense and tight set. Brian became more enraged towards the end and wound up jumping onto the table in front of me. He almost took the table down, and with his guitar in my face, I quickly grabbed the other end of it so that he didn’t fall. I didn’t want him to get hurt so that I could see the band again tomorrow. 🙂

Viva Voce is a duo originally from Alabama who play lo-fi indie pop. Despite the lack of members in the band, they create a huge sound on stage. Anita is a rock goddess and her guitar playing is intense. Their minimal approach to music is eclipsed by their exceedingly dark and sultry sounds that get layered within their compositions. They brought out a bassist to help play a few songs including “We Don’t Fuck Around”, which I found delightful. I reeeeeally liked this band. I’ll be sure to check em out tomorrow.

Pictures from the show.