Viva Voce | Silversun Pickups @ Bowery Ballroom

Round 2 of the Silversun Sounds. This time the show got moved to the much bigger Bowery. Viva Voce opens up this time and they played another great set of songs. Anita was more silent on stage and let her guitar do the talking. And talking and screaming it did. They rocked again and picked up some more fans. They just got signed to Barsuk and the new record GET YR BLOOD SUCKED OUT is out so check it.

The crowd got pretty full by the time Silversun Pickups came out and I started the show with a shared whiskey shot I bought for the lead singer. The band didn’t seem nervous to be playing the Bowery, and after a few songs the crowd and band became enlivened. I really enjoyed hearing the music played at a larger space and although it lacked the super intense sound they produce, the Bowery sound system did a great job to showcase their power. There were many old and new fans in the crowd and some girls that were even flashing Brian. They played every song precisely and Nikki jumped around like a pogo stick during “Kissing Families”. I absolutely love Nikki’s shy demeanor but when she’s on bass she becomes the commander of the sound. The band kidded that they would play for hours and practically did play every song they’ve ever put out. They came out for an encore and they granted my request for “Comeback Kid” and continued to play a few more.

After the show we headed to the after show party at a bar that seemed to have just opened up. The vibe was relaxed and fun and by the time the band showed up, there was much drinking and dancing. Got home with my mind humming and my ears ringing.