Jenni Lewis & The Watson Twins @ Town Hall

Although I was quite hungover and my ears were still reverberating from the night before, I was hoping to be able to still listen to Jenni Lewis. Unfortunately Norah Jones’ side band The Little Willies cancelled so I watched the first few innings of the Mets game instead.

I got great seats for my first experience with Jenni and didn’t know what to expect. She took the stage with a sexy long black dress and I was shocked to hear an incredible and controlled voice from such a petite girl. After the 3rd song she went off stage leaving the band to play an instrumental. When she came back, she had an extremely sparkly and colorful dress on. The lights danced on her and the show picked up some steam. She sang all her songs beautifully and even played some guitar and piano. I was also very impressed with The Watson Twins. They really are great singers and complimented Jenni’s voice. A short but sweet set and much better live than on the recordings.