OCDJ | Dan Deacon | Octopus Project @ McCarren Pool

Another perfect afternoon to spend at the hipster pool. I love his show on WFMU and an unexpected treat to catch OCDJ live. He was dressed up in dog costume and heated things up quickly on the cracked concrete floor. Dan Deacon was up next and this guy is either a fucking genius or the worst electronic musician around. Maybe it’s a little bit of both but one thing’s for sure, you can’t help wanting to get close to the energy and chaos that ensues when he starts twiddling the knobs of his archaic noise machines. As soon as the song “The Crystal Cat” with it’s eerie meows and insane vocal distortion yelps through the speakers, you can’t help just throwing yourself into the stupid insanity. Be sure to check out the video below of some of the dancing that could only occur during his set. The water started to seep from the well used slip n’ slide creating more wet stomping fun as the crowd got ready for the balloon-tastic set of Octopus Project. All super fun and all for free.

My pictures from the show.

Video: Dance Tag (audio is horrible, just watch the visuals)