Benjy Ferree | Mirah @ Bowery Ballroom

Benjy Ferree played a good set and much more vibrant live than on recording. although I’ve never been totally sold on this guy, he has good stage presence and enjoyable story telling songs.

Bowery was sold out for Mirah’s celebration of lo-fi songs. Her emotionally honest songs translated really well live and despite the venue, felt very intimate. She played a wide array of songs aross her several albums and even gave us a new one. Her indie-rock songs can be both touching and humorous and her sensible guitar playing is a perfect union. She played a “game” with the crowd where we had to guess what bug she was singing about in some of her lyrics. However the highlight was when she decided to play one of her remix songs live without the aid of electronic equipment. It was a perfect ending to the melodic night.

My pictures from the show.

Mirah: myspace