Rock Plaza Central | Bishop Allen @ South Street Seaport

Rock Plaza Central comes from Toronto and no surprise that this town also brings plenty of people on stage to play some tunes. The band had some interesting songs, bordering on country and rock but always with interesting instruments thrown in. The lead singer had some of the worst jokes I’ve ever heard onstage but having on the members run through the crowd with his accordion like David Lee Roth was quite funny and absurd.

I didn’t recognize the Brooklyn four-piece Bishop Allen when they took the stage since their last outing. They have a new drummer and bassist and even added a member who happens to be quite beautiful and does quite nothing behind the Nord keys. This band surely has come a long way from playing small venues to getting a large crowd outside and a future show at Bowery. These guys guarantee a fun show live with sing along songs and catchy pop. They were very comfortable on stage albeit the band vibes with each other (except for the girl of course) the new members played very well especially the drummer.

Their ep project last year produced a lot of gems and helped formulate a more cohesive sound for their new material. I love their new stuff, especially their song “Rain”. Bishop Allen may seem to just play good catchy songs, but they happen to do it very well. So get out of your chair and “If you feel like dancing, dance with me.”

some photos from flickr