Tegan & Sara @ Southpaw

These twin sisters from Alberta Canada recently sold out a bunch of large venue shows in support of their new album The Con. Luckily they booked a more intimate show at Brooklyn’s Southpaw to play their pain and guilt ridden songs. Despite all the emotion in the air they were very playful on stage and continued to interact with the crowd with funny banter and very random stories. Although the new album isn’t as impressive as 2004’s So Jealous, I really enjoy the overall mood of the record and there are some incredible songs on it. However, you can sense the wimpiness on a few of the tracks which can probably be traced back to their new producer Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie.

With no opening band, the duo started the show with the energy high and played for over and hour touching all of their albums. The place was very crowded and despite the poor flow of the crowd I managed to get to the front. Their sound man did a great job making sure their entire set sounded perfect. The old songs were just as energetic while the new ones got a welcome response. Wish they would stick to the more intimate shows.

Pictures from the show.

some great acoustic videos