The Big Sleep @ Pianos

Alhtough I didn’t get home til 3 AM the night before, I mustered enough energy to go to Piano’s to see a bunch of various bands, but specifically The Big Sleep. I even passed on seeing the Editors at the Mercury Lounge. The UK can have them and their hype back. The Big Sleep consists of only 3 people but the sound that they producd is incredibly intense. Conjuring up the dynamism of Godspeed! with the energy and sound of Black Sabbath. The guitarist was stellar and it’s refreshing to see good guitarmanship in a live setting. The bonus was when Aaron Lazar of The Giraffes quietly took the stage and belted out the final song. It was powerful, tense, energetic, and I felt his voice met up to the challenge of the music. With his back turned to the stage he was able to control the intense sound until finally everything just exploded. A powerful band with a huge sound and a force to be reckoned with live. Their recordings don’t do them justice. So far the best NY band I’ve seen this year. A MUST see band live.

Beat The Devil, another trio was on next, and they mixed crazy jazz and bohemian rock. The band centers around Shilpa Ray’s voice and her harmonian instrument. Unfortunately they sucked and she kept reminding us how bad the show was going.

I was convinced not to go see Langhorne Slim at Rothko and stay to see the Lot Six from Boston. They are your typical rock band but far far worse. After hearing lyrics like “I have a big record collection, It gives me a big erection”, I quickly departed cursing that I has lost the last 10 minutes of my life.

Wish I brought my camera. 🙁

The Big Sleep