Bell Orchestre @ Bowery Ballroom

The Clogs were the openers and what I caught from them I thought was really beautiful. Many textured layers flowing in and out. It created a nice soundscape to get lost to. The Bell Orchestre then took the stage featuring members of The Arcade Fire. They were all dressed in white and accented with tiny LED lights attached to various parts of their clothing. It was interesting to hear the sounds and instruments that make up the fabric of sound that is Arcade Fire more in the foreground.

Their songs were a bit more complex and flirted with somewhat experimental compositions. Overall they had a good groove and I enjoyed the various playful actions they performed on stage even if they were not that sonically successful. It’s refreshing to hear new sounds and new ideas in music. At one point the drummer abandons his drums to play the typewriter. For their encore they played with obscure instruments (which seems like the Canadian thing to do these days) such as a portable radio on a feedback loop and attaching effects on the backup sounds. A great show and a decent turn out for a Sunday night.