Calexico @ Joe’s Pub

Calexico sold out 2 shows at Joe’s Pub pretty quick. Although I had just seen them with Iron & Wine, I’d rather see them perform alone and in a more intimate setting. Although the sound was good and the tempo of the show was on target, the space at Joe’s just isn’t right for the band. Joey Burns even commented on all the food being feverishly served around him. The crowd was dead (and older) as it usually is at Joe’s. Their lively songs make you want to dance, move around, clap your hands but there wasn’t even enough room to stand up and not be interfered with the waitresses. The band surely felt the inadequate space, barely fitting up on the small stage. All the musicians were locked in place, not being able to move around. This put a constraining feeling on the music and energy of the show. At one point they had 9 people on stage, which must be a record. An OK show, wishing that I could revisit my experience of them at the Bowery last year.

Pictures from the show